3by24 is a filmmaking challenge in which teams have just 72 hours to take a creative vision from concept to reality in record time, in order for it to be enjoyed on the big screen by a voting audience and judging panel at the final festival.

This is where all the definitive information about the challenge will be held; twitter is the best place to ask questions, however this is where the buck stops. Anything published on this site will overrule anything said anywhere else, so make sure you check the pages carefully as the event approaches.

Hints and tips will also be dropped on here from time to time; and they might not last long, so make sure you are following us on twitter  to get the inside scoop!

The theme for the first iteration of this event will be a closely guarded secret until 72 hours BEFORE the start time of the event.

No filming is allowed to commence prior to the actual start date: disqualification is your prize for not following these rules!

Pre-production is allowed, but is limited and must be submitted prior to the start date.

Having a theme means sticking to it; we will make sure there is plenty of opportunity for creative writing, cinematography and post processing,  however the final judging will be based around how your team addressed the theme and topic.

Yes, there will be an entry fee (per team) which is yet to be set in stone; there will be great prizes however, so don’t think your money is for nothing! (it won’t be much)

A call for entries, with detailed rules about the event will be published in early 2017, allowing you plenty of time to plan your approach. This will contain information such as geographic limitations, pre-production minimums/maximums and entry requirements, and the expectations for the final results. For example, teams will be allowed to produce title sequences prior to the start of the filming section of the challenge.

Copyright for the material produced will always belong to you/your team, however 3by24 does want to display it on YouTube, and have our logo (and splash) at the beginning and end of your production.

If the weather is terrible, and you’ve planned to camp on the beach for the three days, we can’t help you. The elements are as unforgiving as our rules will be… so consider your approach carefully and have contingency plans.

Until the call for team entries, you can contact the organisers via twitter here: twitter.com/3by24